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EST is a standardized admission test, scored electronically. EST is owned by Academic Assessment Ltd. in London. EST is validated by the EST Board in the USA. It is designed specifically to measure the skills and knowledge acquired by students.

EST seeks to embody and implement the most sophisticated, up-to-date assessment with a suite of assessments that includes EST I and EST II.

EST I includes four mandatory sections: Literacy 1, Literacy 2, Math without Calculator, and Math with Calculator.

EST I tackles communication skills, comprehension, critical and logical reasoning; all these are basic requirements for a university student. The EST I also includes an optional essay section measuring students' language writing skills.

The EST II is a subject-based test. The EST subject tests cover Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, World History, Literature, and Economics, with each subject test taken separately.

The EST II measures basic scientific knowledge, scientific reasoning, and higher-order thinking skills, proving the abilities and capabilities of the student to pursue education in specific majors related to engineering, science and health care. The choice of subject tests depends on the majors the students are applying for.

More Information

  • The purpose of the newly developed EST is to qualify American diploma students for higher education institutions.
  • The EST suite of assessments includes EST I and EST II.
  • The EST is authored, reviewed and delivered by a board of experts from five continents.
  • The EST adopts a rigorous authoring process that consists of multiple validation steps.
  • The EST adopts automated grading and reporting techniques that eliminate any bias or sensitivity.
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EST Launched in Jordan, KSA, and UAE

    The EST Board in London has launched EST in Jordan, UAE, and KSA.

    Test centers:

  • Jordan: Omareyah Schools
  • UAE: Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University
  • KSA: Academic City Schools
  • For more information, you are kindly requested to choose your country below.

    We wish you the best of success!

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Select the country that you wish to take your test in.

  • Arab Republic of EgyptArab Republic of Egypt
  • Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaKingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
  • Hashemite Kingdom of JordanHashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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